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Rash. Crass. Shameful. Craven. Contemptible. Irresponsible. BAD.

by Abby Zimet

The best headline on Romney's stunningly inappropriate response to the violence in Libya comes from Upworthy: "Mitt Romney finds the line you shouldn't cross and dives under it." Should we gloat that he proves once more there are vital things - heart, soul, brain, any semblance of principle - money can't buy, or mourn that he and his sorry ilk are in any way part of our national conversation? Remarkably, this time he gets it from all ends of the political spectrum, even unto the wingnut seats. The guy is so ill-fit for the role he seeks it defies belief. He should take a cue from the peaceful Libyans demonstrating today.

Insult to injury: the smirk.

Many more good toons.