Our Better Angels

Our Better Angels

Abby Zimet

Eleven years on, Sept. 11 still summons a speechless sorrow at the event, and rage at the senseless carnage that followed - perhaps never more than today, with new revelations of not just the sins but the further, utter ineptitude of the Bush White House. It's so hard to look at this face. The only conceivable reason to do so is, hopefully, to learn.  To be moved to say, like Jews regarding the Holocaust: Never again.

"We are a nation of euphemisms now. It's not spying on the American people, it is "national security." It's not holding someone in a hellhole without charges or trial, it is "indefinite detention." It's not kidnapping, it is "extraordinary rendition." It's not murder or assassination, it is "targeted killing." It's not torture, it is "enhanced interrogation." It's not wildly and patently illegal and immoral on its face, it is "war"... We are a lessened nation... and much of the damage has been done by our own hand. It is one thing for people to react with fear and rage after an outrageous act of violence. It is quite another for the leaders of those people to exploit that fear and rage for their own dark and greedy purposes."

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