Cold Case Posses May Be Returning to Their Caves

Cold Case Posses May Be Returning to Their Caves

Abby Zimet

Tea Party, we hardly knew ye. Well. Maybe we knew enough. Arizona's upcoming premier birther event of the year - aka a "Cold Case Posse support Sheriff Joe and his investigation into the fraudulent Obama documents" - has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Lack of interest in a chance to see Pat Boone on a revolving stage and Sheriff Joe do what he does and a motley handful of conspiracy lovers rant how Barack Obama "had his Security Adviser John Brennan (murder) Obama’s Gay Lovers in Chicago"? Oh no. Are these people slithering back to their caves? Could it be there might be hope? Maine, next, please. Bumper sticker seen the other day: "Another Mainer Embarrassed By Their Governor."

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