Ooh/Aah: War Is Not A Stunt Or Spectator Sport

Ooh/Aah: War Is Not A Stunt Or Spectator Sport

Abby Zimet

With a new book out on the rising numbers of neo-Nazis and other questionables being recruited by an increasingly desperate U.S. military bled dry by too many wars, a reminder that recruitment goes on, often subtly, in all our backyards. In Maine, a recent air show featured the Thunderbirds - an Air Force precision flying team of the same family of fighter planes that dropped napalm on Vietnam and have reappeared in every recent U.S. and NATO war - and the discomfiting spectacle of kids climbing into them for smiling photo ops. Then there are the (albeit smaller than usual) crowds cheering the "controlled gasoline explosions" that so eerily echo the iconic images of screaming naked Vietnamese children. WTF? Veterans for Peace and other groups were there to say this is not okay. Thank god for old age: They smuggled in their banner on the seat of one member's wheelchair. Photos here.

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