All Further Articles for 2012-09-10

Monday, September 10, 2012
Reality Check: On Pork and Pigs and Human Beings
Much talk in the economic pages of China's critical but volatile pork prices, and a move away from small backyard pig o perations to industrial mega-farms to hel p stabilize them. Oddly, most stories fail to show some intense photos of the bloody business - for animals and peo ple - at hand.
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Double Dipping
No, you're not imagining it: Fox News sounds just like Romney's campaign because, often, it is. Media Matters has a breakdown on at least four Faux contributors who - with no disclosure offered - work for or advise Romney.
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God Doesn't Want To Join Your Commie Heathen Baby-Killing Party Anyway, Though No Word If He/She Wants Out of Your Heart
Ever-attuned to the key issues of the day, Mittens is now assuring audiences that, unlike the unholy Democrats, he does not plan to take God off our coins or out of the GOP, evidently the latest rumor from a Tea Party chain email. Not to worry: Indignant wingnut Gary Bauer says God just wants to take His/Her thunderbolt and go home.
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Ooh/Aah: War Is Not A Stunt Or Spectator Sport
A new book on the rising number of neo-Nazis recruited by a U.S. military bled dry by too much war reminds us that recruitment goes on in all our backyards. A recent Maine air "show" featured the Thunderbirds - U.S.A.F. precision flyers using planes akin to those that dropped napalm on Vietnam and figure in every recent U.S. war - and the dual s pectacle of smiling kids climbing into them for photo ops and crowds cheering " controlled gasoline ex p losions," aka na palm drops. WTF? Veterans for Peace and other groups were there to say this is not okay. Video.
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