The Other Nakba

The Other Nakba

Abby Zimet

Did you soak up a long hot shower this morning, send your kids off with a requisite bottle of water, blithely throw a load in the washer? Most Palestinians didn't. With Gaza and the Occupied Territories facing an unprecedented, Israeli-made water crisis that could soon make life unlivable, the Middle East Children's Alliance has launched a Thirsting for Justice Campaign to remind us that thousands of Palestinians live under untenable conditions most of the rest of us simply cannot imagine. Most live on 24 liters, 6.3 gallons a day. Period: for drinking, cooking, washing, farming. MECA suggests you try it.

How much water do we use every day for…

A bath 120-160 liters
A shower (5 minutes) 75-90 liters
A shower (3 minutes) 35-50 liters
A toilet flush 9-16 liters
A wash of hands 1,4 liters
Brushing teeth (with tap on) 30 liters
Brushing teeth (with tap off) 2 liters
Drinking and cooking 6 liters
Hand dish washing 20 liters
Dish washing with dishwasher 30-40 liters
Washing clothes in the washing machine 80-170 liters
Washing the car 800 liters


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