All Further Articles for 2012-09-03

Monday, September 3, 2012
War Is Not Fun
It looks like Wesley Clark and his motley band of has-beens and wannabees will hit the dustbin of god-awful "entertainment" history after the last episode of NBC's war-is-fun! "reality show," Stars Earn Stripes. Credit a RootsAction petition, a blast from seven Nobel prize winners, weekly protests, bad press, and few enough viewers to suggest, remarkably, there might be a level of tastelessness where even blood-and-guts-hungry TV viewers fear to tread. "The (show) is a symbol of the warfare state that combines war, politics, media profits and show biz...We continue to enable what Martin Luther King Jr. called 'the madness of militarism.'" - Norman Solomon
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The Union Makes Us Strong
For Labor Days past, present and future: Thank a union member for the holiday and 40-hour week; see three scary charts on what a largely unorganized economy has wrought; hear Robert Reich on Paul Ryan's marvelous plan to take (even more) from the poor and give (ditto) to the rich. And the incomparable Pete Seeger sings "Solidarity Forever."
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