We Don't Want Easy: GOP Ladies Say Never Mind Wage Equity and Birth Control Access, Just Give Us Makeovers and Pink Woman Up-Tini Cocktails

Abby Zimet
Surreal overload. Here's Ann Romney brightly telling us that "it's the moms who always have to work a little harder...who have to do a little more" - thanks in large part to GOP policies and obstruction - while a block away from the convention the same bunch of white guys under the woman-friendly moniker Young Guns have created a pink-on-pink, rhinestone-cushioned “Woman Up Pavilion” offering ladies who have trouble with all those pesky "facts and figures" to do what ladies do best: to buy jewelry, relax at the pink bar with some Lady Lemonade, and “woman up” with hair and makeup touches at the on-sight (sic) salon. Now Ann is telling us she really really loves Mitt and how can anyone attack his "success" and she promises, here in this city with the nation's highest rate of homelessness, that "no one will care more" than Mitt, even though he's said he may eliminate the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and has no other plan to help people who don't have $250 million stashed away, but really, he will care for us, like, lots. O-v-e-r-l-o-a-d.

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