All Further Articles for 2012-08-28

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Coal Miners Stand with Mitt (Because They're Forced To)
How To Win Friends Dept: Coal miners in Ohio - who work for a company that's given almost $1 million to the GOP - say they feared they'd lose their jobs if they didn't attend a "mandatory," photo-op event with Mitt Romney and contribute to his campaign. Insult to Injury: They lost a day of pay for their trouble. “We had managers that communicated to our work force that attendance at the Romney event was mandatory, but no one was forced to attend the event." - the company "defending" its actions.
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Consumed By the Flames: The Myth of the Moral Army
The ruling by an Israeli court that the death of Rachel Corrie was an accident of her own making and not part of a brutal Israeli mindset that sees anyone - child, bystander, peaceful protester - as a legitimate target makes it truly, as Rachel's mother Cindy said, "a bad day for humanity....and the rule of law." It also raises the grievous question: If Israel insists on calling Hamas a terrorist organization, what is the Israeli army?
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