All Further Articles for 2012-08-24

Friday, August 24, 2012
Remember this fabulous front yard garden in Drummondville, Quebec that city officials (sigh) wanted to dig u p? It's staying, thanks to a 30,000-signature petition, media attention and grousing from sensible people. Council members have invited its creators to help shape new city guidelines for urban food gardens. Speak up: It matters. "It will now be allowed to Drummondville this type of garden in the front yard." - from the badly-translated but kind of amusing news story.
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The Tea Party Election Day Army, Coming to Your State
From Colorlines, an alarming look at True (sic) the Vote and other right-wing, Koch-funded groups working to deploy over 1,000 "citizen volunteers," all encouraged to “build relationships with election administrators,” to watch polls in 35 states for “irregularities” and anything "funny, funky, fraudulent" - unwritten coda: especially by people with suspiciously brown skin - to ensure the election isn't "stolen" by Democrats with the “illegal alien vote” and a “food stamp army.” These are the folks behind voter suppression bills; attention must be paid.
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