All Further Articles for 2012-08-22

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
We Built This, Except That It Was Mostly Publicly Financed and It's Publicly Owned and Supported
In a stunning rebuke to Obama's claim that entrepreneurs owe some of their success to the country's commie infrastructure, the GOP is bravely going where no gang of idiots has gone before, declaring the theme for their convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum "We Built This!" even though the arena was built with 62% government funds and is government-owned, thus aptly reflecting their leader's evidently growing confusion. It's also looking like God might smite the convention with a tropical storm; probably something to do with the gays or loose women.
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Scary: A Lot More Fire
This summer's heat and drought broke the national record, sparking wildfires across ten western states that burned almost seven million acres, say federal fire officials. There are now 39 fires actively burning over a million acres, with the smoke visible from space. Meanwhile, the GOP has drafted "the most conservative platform in modern history," obsessing over abortion, ultrasounds, guns and same-sex anything. To date, not a word on climate change.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Italy's Chernobyl, By Blu
Street artist Blu has created a massive mural to protest the so-called Quirra Syndrome, a proliferation of cancer cases and birth defects in Sardinia that many blame on hazardous waste from a nearby rocket launch site whose toxicity has been compared to Chernobyl. Powerful.
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