All Further Articles for 2012-08-20

Monday, August 20, 2012
Wild Bill Koch Has Way Too Much Money
Bill Koch, the other Koch brother, is building his own Wild West town near his Colorado mansion. It will have 50 mahogany-detailed buildings, with a train station, water-treatment system and guarded gate to keep out the scruffy likes of you because, dear loser, this life-size play-house is solely for his private "amusement." Koch has given $2 million to the Romney campaign, which is less than the $2.3 million he paid for a photo of Billy the Kid but enough to buy how many school lunches for how many inner-city kids? Koch is lucky there's no longer frontier justice in his neighborhood.
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It Could Always Be Worse, or How Women In Congress Save Us from An Even More Akin-Flavored World
The pro-choice PAC EMILY's List has launched the Impact Project to remind us that women have played a critical role in either passing or opposing (cue the GOP's "Let Women Die Act") key legislation on issues from health care to minimum wage. With charts showing that women are the most consistently progressive votes in Congress.
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On Poverty: What Bush Tax Cuts, Two Wars and An Unfettered Wall Street Have Given The Rest of Us
Charts of the Day: Telling visuals on record high income disparity and number of Americans - 66 million and counting - at or below the federal poverty level. Shameful.
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