Marikana: The Life of An African Is Expendable

Marikana: The Life of An African Is Expendable

Abby Zimet

The massacre of 34 striking platinum mine workers - with 78 more injured - by heavily armed South African police, and the ensuing images of the bloodied bodies of black men in blankets and t-shirts crumpled on the ground, have conjured apartheid-era memories for many who wonder just how much has changed there. Suggesting apartheid continues "in a different guise now," a Sowetan editorial cites "an abnormal country in which all the fancy laws are enacted...all the right noises are made, and yet the value of human life... continues to be meaningless." Video below, and more from Al Jazeera here. Warning: graphic.

"Africans are pitted against each other over who is the rightful representative of workers. They are also fighting for a bigger slice of the mineral wealth of their own country. In the end the war claims the very poor African - again."


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