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Voter Fraud Non-Existent But Let's Pass A Bunch of Voter Suppression Laws Just In Case

An exhaustive new report finds that the "problem" of "voter fraud" - the supposed impetus behind 37 states passing tough voter ID laws that could disenfranchise over 5 million Americans - is "infinitesimal" and "virtually non-existent," with 10 alleged cases surfacing among 146 million voters. The findings confirm another study finding a fraud rate of 0.000002%, or lower than the number of people killed by lightning.

“Voter fraud at the polls is an insignificant aspect of American elections,” said elections expert David Schultz, professor of public policy at Hamline University School of Business in St. Paul. “There is absolutely no evidence that (voter impersonation fraud) has affected the outcome of any election in the United States, at least any recent election in the United States.”