Sow Not Hatred of the Poor

Sow Not Hatred of the Poor

Abby Zimet

Synchronicity Dept: Today marks the feast of St. Lawrence, burned to death in 258 after responding to the order from a greedy Prefect of Rome to bring the Church's riches to him by gathering the poor and sick and declaring, "This is the Church's treasure!" Today also marks the request by activist Catholic nuns and, now, Franciscan friars and sisters to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan - supporter and author of an "immoral disaster" of a budget - to stop "demonizing families in poverty” and “spend time with the poor,” about whom, they say it's clear, they don't "have a clue."

"We are all God's children... Our Christian tradition teaches that we are to treat the poor with dignity."

Update: In the no-clue department, check out the real story on the Iowa millionaire mogul "farmer" Romney visited to show he's concerned about the impact of the current drought on "ordinary" people. Unbelievable.

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