Aussies Back (But Don't Particularly Like) Assange

Aussies Back (But Don't Particularly Like) Assange

Abby Zimet

A new nationwide poll finds that a majority of Australians believe Julian Assange should not be prosecuted for Wikileaks' release of leaked cables and would not receive a fair trial if he was ever extradited to the United States - this, most intriguingly, despite the fact that most people don't actually like Assange, with just 40% having a favorable view of him. The head of the company that did the poll explained the support for Assange, currently seeking asylum in Ecuador, in terms of Australians' historic empathy for the underdog.

If Assange was extradited, his popularity would likely increase "due to an underdog effect, more prominent in Australia than other countries...The lack of confidence in the ability of the US judicial system to deliver a fair result has resonated with the Australian public and its sense of fair play.” - John Utting.

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