NYPD's FINEST Message: What Freedom of the Press?

NYPD's FINEST Message: What Freedom of the Press?

Abby Zimet

Stolarik's shot of Occupy arrests last fall.

The press is pushing back against a still-thuggish NYPD after fully credentialled, longtime New York Times freelancer Robert Stolarik was roughed up, kicked and arrested for photographing the arrest of a teenage girl in the Bronx for a story about stop-and-frisk abuses- ie: for doing his constitutionally protected job. Stolarik also had a December run-in with the cops while he tried to photograph Occupy arrests. Lookit what these clowns pulled on him. So much for protect and serve.

"It is clear from the reports of the most recent incident involving Mr. Stolarik that proper training and supervision of NYPD officers regarding the rights of the press and public to record and photograph on city streets is sorely inadequate and that the directives and spirit of the FINEST message are being disregarded." - National Press Photographers Association letter to police.

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