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Chicken Culture Wars: On Proud Bigots, Selective Bible Quotes and the American Dream

by Abby Zimet

Taking on the bizarre, disheartening, sometimes orchestrated phenomenon of thousands of Americans lining up to show they oppose equality by scarfing down fried chicken sandwiches: the Gospel According to Chick-Fil-A, the observations of a gay man in Virginia walking past the line and feeling "like an alien in my own town," Jon Stewart thoughtfully noting that the haters will land on the wrong side of history, and today's Same-Sex Kiss-In.

From a gay man in Arlington, Virginia on coming out of his office and seeing a line of people waiting to get into Chick-Fil-A:

"People waiting with excitement and pride to show that they do not support equality. I suddenly felt like an alien in my own town, surrounded by people that I see everyday who jumped at the chance to show their evil side. To fear the anger and resentment of your neighbors for being who you are is not the freedom that the American dream promises. I hope for more, and I hope for better from my fellow Americans."