Alternate Universe: Running As Senator from Iowa in the Republic of the United States of America

Alternate Universe: Running As Senator from Iowa in the Republic of the United States of America

Abby Zimet

Big news from Iowa, where GOP state Senate hopeful Randi "I Have Not Really Been Vetted" Shannon announced in a rambling four-page letter that she is bowing out of the race in order to be senator in "the Original Republic for The United States of America," having recently discovered that the "U.S. government has been acting unlawfully as the ‘official government,’ which clearly it is not!” because in 1871 "We the people" were "placed under involuntary servitude by a 'Legal' system of laws that have continually violated the 'Constitution for the united States of America.' Etc. As usual, there are some fine ideas here - opposition to foreign wars, anger at  abuses of "THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION...upon both the international community as well as the American people (that) are inestimable and unconscionable” - along with the wingnuttery: abolish "Obamacare" and the Department of Education, life begins at conception, everything the fault of "THIS BLOATED GOVERNMENT." All fed up and no place to go.

"This Corrupt System is just like an out of control freight train heading at full speed toward the river where the bridge has been washed out by a flood brought on by their own acts in violation of the Public Trust, and their Oaths to The Constitution of Iowa and The Republic of The United States of America."


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