Scamming Chicago: Guns Save Life (In A Galaxy Far Far Away)

Scamming Chicago: Guns Save Life (In A Galaxy Far Far Away)

Abby Zimet

Happy gun-toting kids at NRA camp

This morning I found myself behind a coupla big ole guys driving a big ole rig flying a flag and plastered with bumper stickers. The two I could see clearly said "When In Doubt Empty Magazine" and "In The Face of Terror and Murder the Call For Peace Is Not Patriotic It's Cowardice," which was not such a cool way to start the day, especially for my daughter, who was on her peaceable way to Fish Camp and was kinda freaked out by them. So. Here's a story about an "intrepid" pro-gun group in Chicago called Guns Save Life (sic) that showed up at the city's gun buyback program with a bunch of busted guns they turned in for $6,240, which they then used to buy guns and ammunition for kids as young as nine at an NRA-sponsored summer shooting camp, after which their president gloated online about how ha! they sure did show those "gun-hating do-gooders" and "big city gun bigots," adding, "And it’s all for a good cause: the children." City officials were not amused. Neither are we, given the billions of dollars and thousands of lives guns in this country cost us. When in doubt, read this.

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