All Further Articles for 2012-07-06

Friday, July 6, 2012
Bye-Bye Miss American Pie
A video has surfaced from showing a U.S. helicopter crew member in Afghanistan singing "Bye-Bye Miss American Pie" before blasting a group of Afghan men, who may or may not be doing anything illegal, with a Hellfire missile, after which survivors scatter. Most chilling: The blithe "Nice!" after the hit.
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Media On Wildfires: Duh, What Climate Change?
With climate-change-triggered extreme weather breaking over 3,200 heat records and causing widespread wildfires - and despite scientific consensus of the connection between the two - mainstream media outlets largely ignore the role of global warming, with just 3% of wildfire news reports even mentioning it. From Media Matters.
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Higgs Boson Has No Views on Abortion or Gay Marriage
With a God vs. Science debate swirling over physicists' discovery of the Higgs boson, viewed as the building block of the universe, its namesake put much of the political and theological talk to rest. In his first interview, Peter Higgs, 83, said ‘God particle’ was a joke by an academic who had called it the ‘goddamn particle’ because it was so hard to find. He also has “no idea” what its use could be. Toon.
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Thursday, July 5, 2012
Securing Our Borders Against Pacemaker-Using Elder Statesmen Who Happen To Be Hispanic
Intrepid Border Patrol agents detained a 96-year-old former judge, Arizona governor and US ambassador to three countries for almost an hour in 100-degree heat, wearing a suit, after his pacemaker set off a radiation sensor. Raul Castro - no relation to the other one - was Arizona's first and only Hispanic governor. Clearly, at this rate, he will be its last. And he's been stopped before.
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