In Quiet Rooms: Mitt and His Well-Hidden Money

Abby Zimet

Vanity Fair takes a long deep look at Mitt Romney's massive fortune, an estimated $250 million he keeps hidden away in a deliberately opaque network of blind trusts, IRAs, Swiss bank accounts and offshore tax havens from Bermuda to Luxembourg to the Cayman Islands. It finds that Romney has personal interests in at least a dozen of the roughly 138 funds organized by Bain in the Cayman Islands, as well as $30 million in accounts hidden behind confidentiality disclaimers. Meanwhile, a full 55 pages in his 2010 tax return decribe his transactions with foreign entities. Oddly, despite all that money, he continues to run a campaign that is laughably inept and graphically challenged. Ok, so he can't draw diagrams. But he knows what he thinks of the so-called "re-distribution of wealth."

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