Are You or Have You Ever Been An Agitator?

Are You or Have You Ever Been An Agitator?

Abby Zimet

Annals of an Aspiring Police State: The NYPD posted a "wanted" flyer for an activist Harlem couple who (entirely legally) film cops conducting stop-and-frisks, branding them "professional agitators" and listing their home address. Matthew Swaye, 35, and his partner Christina Gonzalez, 25, saw the flyer - featuring their side-by-side mugshots - when they walked into the 30th Precinct for a monthly community board meeting, another thing that will be illegal any day now.

"Be aware that the subjects are known professional agitators that live at [our address posted on poster]. Above subjects (sic) mo is that they video tape (sic) officers performing routine stops and post on youtube (sic). Subjects (sic) purpose is to portray officers in a negative way and too (sic) deter officers from conducting there (sic) responsibilities. Above subjects also deter officers from being safe and tactical by causing unnecessary distractions. Do not feed into subjects (sic) propaganda."

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