All Further Articles for 2012-06-26

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Death and the Bottom Line
Here's w hy you can't combine the profit motive with a politically powerless po pulation. Xavius Scullark-Johnson, 27, was three months from getting out of prison for a probation violation when budget-conscious Minnesota corrections officials "put him to death" in his urine-soaked cell in June 2010 by refusing him medical care after he suffered seizures, says a lawsuit brought by his family. A spokesman says the DOC must "balance the needs of our offender population with limited resources." Olivia Scullark says her son, who thought he wouldn't get out of prison alive, was killed by that untenable balancing act.
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Big, Bigger, Biggest Gulp
Much uproar over Mayor 'Nanny' Bloomberg's proposed ban on huge sodas and the obscene amounts of sugar, chemicals and calories therein. More on the link between class and obesity, misreading science, legislating public health when the public doesn't want you to, and wild visuals on how we got here.
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Tolstoy Redux: (Still) Desperately Seeking WMDs and Other Fictions
If families are all unhappy in their own way, so are political believers dumb in their own way. Despite the relentless trashing of our hopes, progressives continue to believe we can achieve a fairer, non-corporate world. And Republicans? A new poll believe 63% still believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And 64% think Obama was born in another country. Hey. At least he was born on this planet.
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