Capture Joseph Kony and Win A T-Shirt!

Abby Zimet

Following the success of Invisible Children's "Kony 2012" campaign, three grad students "found ourselves excited about the potential that crowdsourcing held for addressing global conflicts." Hence, Kickstriker, where you can solve the world's problems without the pesky interference of middle-men like governments and international groups. Here, you can fund the Heritage Foundation's Mobile Black Site "for interrogators on the go," and so "rest soundly in the knowledge that you've done your part to help protect America!" Or fund Tibetan warrior monks, "assisted by modern technology and a global movement that insists that non-violence met with violence must  respond with violence." Or help create the Panopticopter, "a better weaponized drone for a fraction of the price." Or send private military contractors from Blackwater to central Africa to capture or kill, your call,  Joseph Kony: "Please join us in supporting this historic mission - the world will be a better place for it." And the prizes! From t-shirts and posters to a letter from Richard Gere and  lunch with Erik Prince to - for $50,000 donations - one of Kony's teeth, "subject to availability." Alas, the good folks at Invisible Children are not amused by the Kickstriker parody (yes, it is). They have issued a cease-and-desist order, charging the use of Children's trademarked property is "causing public confusion," though Lord knows it wouldn't be the first time.


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