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Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Fool's Gold: The Billion-Dollar, Chicken-Loving, Wawa-Amazed, Tree-Height-Admiring Idiot Who Would Be King
Financial filings show both presidential campaigns are spending obscene amounts, with outside PACs for Romney spending up to $100 million a month. His total could reach $1 billion. A billion dollars to elect, as his latest stop in Michigan again illustrated, a mindless, soulless, sputtering sycophant. Costa Rica calls. "You have a lot of chicken here in Frankenmuth. Oh yeah, chicken and, you know, noodles. It's good German food right here. What a wonderful place...It's so much fun running for president."
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Capture Joseph Kony and Win A T-Shirt!
Following the success of Invisible Children's "Kony 2012" campaign, three grad students got excited about using crowdsourcing to address global conflicts. At Kickstriker, you can fund direct solutions: Tibetan warrior monks, or the Panopticopter, "a better weaponized drone," or the Heritage Foundation's Mobile Black Site "for interrogators on the go," or sending Blackwater forces to kill Joseph Kony. Alas, the folks at Invisible Children are not amused by the parody (yes, it is).
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Joe the Plumber Loves America and Hates Gun Control Which Killed All Those Jews and Armenians So Now He's Shooting Fruit
Aghh. Joe the Plumber, who is allegedly running for Congress, just came out with a gasp-inducing ad in which he blames the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust on gun control, and shoots fruit to prove it. No, really. We have become Monty Python. Remember when Bush was around and everyone was talking about moving to Costa Rica? This might be one of those times.
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Walmart's Forced Labor: We Feel Like We Are Slaves
How does Walmart keep its prices so low? Ask the "guest workers" who peel crawfish at their Louisiana seafood supplier. They are locked in the plant, forced to work 24-hour shifts, cursed and threatened, and under constant surveillance at their nearby trailers. Having gone on strike and filed federal complaints, they head to New York today to protest Walmart and its subsidiaries at their corporate headquarters. Brought to you by the National Guestworker Alliance . Video.
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On Disaster Capitalism, Corporate Education and How Billionaires Are Planning the Future
With dropping two ostensibly education reform groups that had taken union-busting stands, a broader look at the corporate co-opting of progressive organizations - aka "playing them at the edges" - in the name of corporate "philanthropy." When doing good becomes a market commodity, we thus arrive at the "human capital" movement.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012
On Disaster Capitalism, Corporate Education and How Billionaires Are Planning the Future corporate coopting of progressive organizas eg union busting chicago teachers more on what starts as doing good ends u becoming a market,corporate philanthropy, This is how fundamental democratic institutions and progressive organizations get co-opted by corporate interests. Find an issue like, say, education reform, partner up with right-wing interests to undermine public education as a fundamental right of every child in this country, and let billionaires direct the flow of dollars into competing efforts. Along the way, it's useful to toss some corporate money at progressive organizations in order to give the appearance that right-wing corporate policies are somehow progressive. This is exactly what has happened with Stand for Children and Their union-busting petition microtargeted at Chicago teachers highlights how they have been played "at the edges" to promote ideas that are not at all progressive.
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