All Further Articles for 2012-06-16

Saturday, June 16, 2012
A Store (and Eventually Country) For All Americans
An enlightened Happy Father's Day from JCPenney, who in their newest catalog featured real-life Dallas dads Todd Koch and Cooper Smith with their kids Claire and Mason. The usual uproar from the usual suspects. When will they get it? Change is life: Deal with it.
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Friday, June 15, 2012
Corporate Masters
Artist Sarah Guthrie figured that, now that Citizens United has made corporations into people, they'll probably want their portraits painted. Multi-nationals get the masterly treatment.
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On Lady Caves, Fun Tunnels and Other Unmentionables
In case you missed it: Michigan reps Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum were banned from the House floor after they used anatomically correct words - including, gasp, "vagina" - to describe women's body parts right then being discussed in an anti-abortion bill. They were banned for lack of "maturity and civility." Translation: They insisted that if the House was going to go into the wildly inappropriate business of regulating their body parts, they should call them by their proper name, not airbrush women out of the debate. Hence: vagina.
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