Test of Fire: Vote Our Values (Which Might Not Really Be Yours, But Still) Or Burn In Hell For All Eternity

Test of Fire: Vote Our Values (Which Might Not Really Be Yours, But Still) Or Burn In Hell For All Eternity

Abby Zimet

Once upon a time, America had something called "separation of church and state." No more. An incredible video by the right-wing Catholics Called To Witness, which has gone viral, uses stirring music and images of the fires of hell to warn Catholics in November to "protect their sacred rights and duties" and "vote the values that will stand the test of fire - life, marriage and freedom." "Life," of course, meaning not health care and good schools but the second of conception, and "marriage," of course, meaning not Sam and Joe, but Dick and Jane. It even quotes Bishop Dolan, a fine role model except perhaps for that little matter of the pedophile priests he paid off to leave quietly. "YOUR VOTE WILL AFFECT THE FUTURE - AND BE RECORDED IN ETERNITY," flashes a final warning, just in case you didn't get it. Wow: As an agnostic Jew, it scared me, and we don't even believe in hell. "In generations past," we are reminded, Catholics long showed this kind of loyalty. Then again, in generations past, Catholics burned opponents at the stake. Is this what you call progress? Produced by Creative Lab, which by God they are. Talk about a bully pulpit: How do you say chutzpah in Latin?


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