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Nuns On The Bus: Don't Mess With the Sisters

Nuns On The Bus: Don't Mess With the Sisters

Abby Zimet


In the latest salvo in their ongoing battle with a Stone-Age-minded Vatican - which has accused them of spending too much time supporting social justice and not enough blasting gay marriage - a group of Roman Catholic nuns is taking a nine-state bus tour this month to highlight their work with the poor and the damage that would be done by budget cuts proposed by Paul Ryan. Dubbed “Nuns on the Bus: Nuns Drive for Faith, Family and Fairness” and organized in conjunction with the social justice lobby Network, the tour will start in Iowa and end in Virginia. En route, the Sisters will visit Catholic-sponsored social service agencies and congressional offices. The needs of the poor and disenfranchised that they address, they stress, are "life issues.”

"The bus tour is meant to focus attention on the enormous moral choices facing our country. Do we choose to be a nation of individualism and fear where the rich get richer at the expense of those in need? Or do we reclaim the principles of our founders and work together for all the people to form a more perfect union?"

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