All Further Articles for 2012-06-07

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Young Romney At It Again
Do we need yet more evidence the severely everything, Etch-A-Sketch, prank-playing, job-destroying and morally void Romney is a creep? If so: As a college freshman it seems he liked to dress up as a cop, put a flashing light on his car and pull over drivers - including friends - to scare them. Wow. S-i-c-k.
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Nuns On The Bus: Don't Mess With the Sisters
In the latest salvo in their ongoing battle with the Vatican - which has accused them of spending too much time supporting social justice and not enough harassing gay couples - a group of Roman Catholic nuns is taking a nine-state bus tour to highlight their work with the poor and blast Paul Ryan's proposed budget cuts. From Iowa to Virginia, the Sisters will visit social service agencies addressing what they call "the enormous moral choices facing our country."
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Shall I Compare Thee To A Mangled Radioactive Nuclear Power Plant?
After a remarkably ill-conceived effort to clarify "the hard words used in the nuclear power industry," the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency has dropped an "education" campaign that compared radiation to an angry wife. Women were not happy. The agency apologized for "creating unpleasant feelings." You think? "Wife's screaming to her husband can be compared to radiation, her agitated state to radioactivity, and the wife herself to radioactive material."
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