"The Dying Is Going To Have To Stop Somewhere"

"The Dying Is Going To Have To Stop Somewhere"

Abby Zimet

Death penalty opponents at the execution scene.

Convicted of stabbing to death four of his young nephews and nieces in 1990, Henry "Curtis" Jackson, 47, was executed last night by the state of Mississippi despite the pleas of his two sisters - the mothers of the victims - to spare him because they "just can't take any more killing." Regina Jackson, who lost two children and survived five stab wounds to her neck, had written Gov. Phil Bryant seeking clemency, declaring, "We are the victims in this case. We are not asking you to take pity on Curtis - we're asking you to show US mercy. We have been through enough."

"So I stand before you today and say, God is love. And I love my brother Curtis because of who he was not because of the man he became that night...God said in his word to forgive each other... So let us come together as a nation with love towards sisters and brothers." - Regina Jackson after the execution of her brother.

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