All Further Articles for 2012-05-24

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Film It, Share It, Change It
Hoping to "amplify previously unheard voices,” YouTube has launched a Human Rights Channel in partnership with WITNESS and Storyful. In announcing the move, YouTube cited its role in Occupy and the Arab Spring, when 100,000 videos were uploaded from Egypt.
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Investigating the Unicorn Question, Also Potholes
In the wake of Arizona's right-wing-nuttery, some creative responses. Another demand for Obama's Hawaii birth certificate spawned a petition - 17,000 names and counting - to prove Mitt Romney is not a unicorn. And after GOP Rep. Trent Franks (Arizona!) introduced an anti-abortion bill for D.C. but refused to allow Eleanor Holmes Norton to speak at its hearing, constituents of D.C.'s new "pretend mayor" came asking him to address other local issues like rats, bike lanes and parking signs. "There are cockroaches everywhere. I know Mayor Franks is very, very concerned about what's happening in D.C. He wants to fix things."
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Constable 728
As Montreal student protests continue, police are cracking down - or in some cases, just cracking - with over 500 arrests , more kettling, and wildly indiscriminate pepper spraying. Cops have sprayed (peaceful) students at a school entrance and (entirely innocent) patrons at an outside bar. And, in an astonishing video, female cop Stéphanie Trudeau, finger twitching, sprays young people not once, but twice. Can you spell s-o-c-i-o-p-a-t-h?
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