Still In Vietghanistan

Still In Vietghanistan

Abby Zimet

With ongoing news of atrocities by U.S. forces and a new poll finding that just 23% of Americans, the lowest rate ever, support the Afghanistan War, a former Marine in Vietnam and current Veterans For Peace president wonders why people ask him about the "rules of war" governing dead bodies - as though there is "a proper and civilized way to conduct warfare" - rather than why those Afghans are dead in the first place. Will Hunting echoes him.

"If we are going to talk about rules of war, it doesn't make sense to start with the soldiers and Marines who have been put into that situation. They will all tell you that the first rule is to stay alive....Instead, we have to start with the powerful people who chose to put those soldiers there. The No.1 war crime is starting a war, because all other war crimes emanate from that first crime."

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