Throwing 'Em Down the Stairs at Wells Fargo

Throwing 'Em Down the Stairs at Wells Fargo

Abby Zimet

Ever a class act, Wells Fargo just fired 58-year-old, award-winning Yolanda Quesada of Milwaukee because a background check showed she was convicted of shoplifting in 1972 - when she was 18 and needed clothes for work, and Nixon was president. Along with several others, Quesada was summarily fired from her $33,000-a-year job by the country's leader in foreclosures, a company that has already paid millions in consumer protection fines for loan fraud and faces further charges for violations of fair lending laws that led up to the housing debacle. A company spokesman explains they have to fire these people because federal law prohibits them from employing anyone guilty of "dishonesty or breach of trust." Ha ha ha ha.

"Steal a little, and they put you in jail/ Steal a lot, and they make you king." - Dylan in Jokerman.

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