Orwell at Guantanamo: Complicit In the Ugly Truth

Orwell at Guantanamo: Complicit In the Ugly Truth

Abby Zimet

With five Sept. 11 terror suspects due for arraignment at Guantanamo Saturday, the Obama administration - the same one that long ago famously touted its unprecedented transparency - is moving to suppress any testimony on torture or abuse the detainees underwent in U.S. prisons. The ACLU has filed a motion to deny the request to keep such information classified so the public can be granted “meaningful access” to the horrific things our government has done, after all, in our name.

On television last weekend, former head of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center Jose Rodriguez graphically described “black site” prisons and “enhanced interrogation techniques,” aka or torture. When Lesley Stahl said, “This is Orwellian stuff. The United States doesn’t do that?” he blithely responded, “Well, we do.”

“Our nation’s courts recognize that the truth, no matter how ugly, is better aired than concealed, and that the legitimacy of adjudicatory tribunals is undermined by secrecy.” - from the ACLU motion.

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