All Further Articles for 2012-05-04

Friday, May 4, 2012
Government Explained
An inquisitive alien visits Planet Earth and tries to understand the concept of "government." From Graham Wright, based on a talk at the Free Your Mind Conference.
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Let Us Abandon the Knife
Vowing "I will never be cut," the young women of Pokot, Kenya are fighting the centuries-old tradition of female genital mutilation with the help of the grassroots group Kepstono Rotwo - Abandon the Knife. In an award-winning video, Nancy Tomee fiercely confronts her bewildered mother, insisting, "I'm moving forward, moving forward." "I will never be cut, over my dead body. It's a vicious cycle, I bury you, then you bury me with the same sorrows....I refuse to witness my mothers' suffering and then repeat the cycle."
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Believers In Climate Change = Murderers and Madmen, Unabomber = Al Gore, and Other Heartland Truths
WTF? With a conference soon in Chicago, the Koch-funded Heartland Institute has launched a billboard campaign so loony it sounds like Monty Python. To wit: What Charles Manson and Ted Kaczynski say on global warming "differs very little" from what the U.N., media, and liberal politicians say; scientific and public support for the theory of global warming is "collapsing"; most believers are "on the radical fringe of society.... murderers, tyrants, and madmen." Whoah. Desperate much?
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Orwell at Guantanamo: Complicit In the Ugly Truth
With five terror suspects due for arraignment at Guantanamo, the Obama administration - the same one that once famously touted its transparency - wants to suppress any testimony on torture or abuse the detainees suffered. The ACLU has filed a motion to deny the request so the public can be granted “meaningful access” to the horrific things our government has done , after all, in our name. “Our nation’s courts recognize that the truth, no matter how ugly, is better aired than concealed." - ACLU motion
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