All Further Articles for 2012-04-27

Friday, April 27, 2012
The Air We Breathe: Better But Not Good Enough
The American Lung Association has released its annual report on the state of our air. The short version: More than four in ten Americans still breathe unhealthy air, with 10 cities in California the most polluted; Santa Fe, N.M. has the cleanest air in the country; 22 of 25 cities with the most ozone pollution improved their air quality; much work remains.
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Fracked Up: The Boom of the Century, RV Armies, Exploding Meth Labs, Parking Lot Rape and All
An up-close look at the roughnecks, strippers, truck drivers, lap dancers, man camps, meth labs and other gritty elements of the "new Big Rock Candy Mountain" that is Williston, N.D. and other towns along the oil-rich Bakken formation undergoing a fracking boom that, depending on your perspective, is either "history in the making" or a spectacle that "brings out the assholes of the earth.” Over 1,800 wells a year, or four every square mile, are being drilled, and nobody's much looking past the next well. "This is either the Badlands made good or a good time gone bad, once the next bust inevitably arrives."
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Not Up For Debate: Morally Opposed to Antibiotics
The National Women's Law Center has launched a Not Up for Debate campaign against the "conscience clauses" in pending legislation that would allow pharmacists to refuse to give out birth control if they don't approve, a scarily slippery slope especially in small or college towns . Video and fact sheet on "Pharmacy Refusals."
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