It's We Who Win

It's We Who Win

Abby Zimet

In one of the most moving protests you will ever see, 40,000 Norwegians, many waving roses, converged in a cold rain today in Oslo to sing with love and defiance a Pete Seeger song, "Rainbow Race" - in Norwegian, "Children of the Rainbow" - that mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik charged during his trial was brainwashing young Norwegians to embrace multiculturalism. Folksinger Lillebjørn Nilsen led the crowd in both the Norwegian and English versions. Incredible. Bring kleenex.

(UPDATE 4/28: YouTube has blocked the earlier video because Belgium's Radio Télévision Belge Francophone TV made a copyright claim. This is a different, shorter video with a brief Pete Seeger interview)


One blue sky above us
One ocean lapping all our shore
One earth so green and round
Who could ask for more
And because I love you
I'll give it one more try
To show my rainbow race
It's too soon to die.

Some folks want to be like an ostrich,
Bury their heads in the sand.
Some hope that plastic dreams
Can unclench all those greedy hands.
Some hope to take the easy way:
Poisons, bombs. They think we need 'em.
Don't you know you can't kill all the unbelievers?
There's no shortcut to freedom.

Go tell, go tell all the little children.
Tell all the mothers and fathers too.
Now's our last chance to learn to share
What's been given to me and you.

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