All Further Articles for 2012-04-24

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Where Does It Hurt and Where Is Your Checkbook?
One of the nation’s largest medical debt-collection companies has been charged by Minnesota's A.G. with strong-arming people in emergency rooms and elsewhere in hospitals - including delivery rooms - for money before they can be treated. Accretive Health Inc. train “financial counselors” to track patients with prior balances and hassle them if they turn up at the E.R. The company's income rose last year; the level of care, as sick people declined treatment, sank. Tell us again why we don't need universal health coverage. "Perhaps the most damaging act by Accretive was to undermine the basic premise that a hospital is a sanctuary to treat the sick and infirm.''
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Unlike Some People
Colbert slams Fox and "chief friend" Steve Doocy for basically making up quotes, or "practicing journalism-plus by quoting the subtext," a perennial crime for which Doocy has offered a classic non-apology. Video. "Excellent reporting, Steve Doocy, and I know good reporting. I am an independent news man, not some smug, self-satisfied brown-noser toadying for the Republican establishment - unlike some people."
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On Race and Justice: An Apology, An Indictment
While many view "Stand Your Ground" laws as symbolic of what's wrong with our criminal justice system, we can look further - to the country's history of racism in jury selection, especially in death penalty cases. Last week, a North Carolina judge vacated the death sentence of Marcus Robinson - the first time racial bias has been rejected as unacceptable since a 25-year-old Supreme Court ruling. Meanwhile, the executions go on. The Economist maps them.
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Monday, April 23, 2012
Her Dinner With Marijuana
In the midst of chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer, Boing Boing 's Xeni Jardin went to an annual, semi-clandestine haute cuisine "cannabis dinner" by L.A. restauranteur Nguyen Tran. It was tasty; she could, to her delight, actually taste it; and it made way more sense than the facts and figures - see More - of our infamous War on Drugs.
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