It Starts Here

It Starts Here

Abby Zimet

In the wake of the suicide of 14-year-old Kenneth James Weishuhn, the Sioux City Journal took the rare step of devoting Sunday's front page to an editorial passionately arguing it is not just schools that must stop the bullying of gay, or any other kids; it is "the business of all of us...our responsibility...our mandate." Echoing them, kids have started a poignant Facebook memorial page.

"Now our community and region must face this stark reality: We are all to blame. We have not done enough. Not nearly enough....This is not a failure of one group of kids, one school, one town, one county or one geographic area. Rather, it exposes a fundamental flaw in our society, one that has deep-seated roots. Until now, it has been too difficult, inconvenient - maybe even painful - to address. But we can't keep looking away."


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