All Further Articles for 2012-04-03

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Zimmerman's Judge Father Present with Police
New questions being raised by ThinkProgress and Trayvon Martin's family attorney about the role of George Zimmerman’s father Robert, a retired judge, who was present both at police questioning and re-enactment at the scene. Others had earlier raised the issue of his father's influence, given that Zimmerman had been arrested several times, but never charged.
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By the Numbers: 'Medicare for All' Could Fund Prosperous Future
Gerald Friedman, professor of economics at UMass-Amherst, offers a graphic look at the costs and revenue possibilities of a national single-payer health care plan. "While providing superior health care," Friedman writes for Dollars & Sense magazine, "A single-payer system would save as much as $570 billion now wasted on administrative overhead and monopoly profits." A solution impossible to ignore.
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A Kinder, Gentler Klan
Noting that in their declining years they've decided any press is better than no press "as long as you're not a n***er or a Jew," Gawker 's Hamilton Nolan sets out to cover the Faith and Freedom Conference ("Open to ALL Concerned White Patriots!") at the Arkansas headquarters of The Knights Party of the KKK, powerfully describing his attempt to absorb the ambient racism and the moment "you can feel your own hatred coalesce into a hard little nugget." Chilling.
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RNC Convention: No Masks or Rope, Bring On the Guns
Go Figure Dept: Hoping to fend off anarchists and other unruly types, Tampa officials prepping for this summer's Republican convention want to set up a "Clean Zone" where protesters will be forbidden to wield water or air pistols, plastic or metal pipe, or wood longer than a ruler - but guns, thanks to Florida's loopy laws, are fine by them. This, say gun control advocates, is not just dangerously dumb, but counter-intuitive. "I don't think many of the people at that end of the spectrum carry guns anyway. This is a Republican thing."
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