The Bradford Spring: Atoning for Invasion

The Bradford Spring: Atoning for Invasion

Abby Zimet

An upset victory in a U.K. special election has gone to George Galloway, a fierce critic of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who has led aid convoys to Gaza and who blasted the mainstream parties as "three cheeks of the same backside. They support the same things, the same wars, the same neoliberal policies to make the poor poorer for the crimes of the rich people." Galloway, 57, won a seat in northern England with the help of first-time voters, unhappy Laborites and Muslims, who make up almost 40% of the district. He vowed to work to end "illegal, bloody, costly foreign wars" and "the drowning of those countries in blood." He will become the only member of the anti-war Respect Party in the House of Commons.  

"All praise to Allah! Long live Iraq! Long live Palestine!" - Galloway in his victory speech.

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