We Will Not Go Down In the Night Without A Fight

We Will Not Go Down In the Night Without A Fight

Abby Zimet


Not just the Israeli military is gearing up for Friday's Global March to Jerusalem, expected to draw tens of thousands of Palestinian supporters. Despite the participation of dozens of human rights groups and rallies planned in over 60 countries, an Israeli media campaign is working hard to portray the event as a "march of folly" and "dangerous publicity stunt" by "some of the world’s most notorious terrorists, tyrants and radicals" intent on harming the  "thriving democracy" of a Jerusalem that enjoys "unprecedented prosperity and equal rights for all of its inhabitants," according to a blindingly disingenuous op-ed piece by Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. Fight the propaganda, and support the march, by attending a rally, buying or listening to their gorgeous C.D., or watching some powerful videos in its honor.

A free and independent press is essential to the health of a functioning democracy

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