Beef Is Beef: How's That Cheese and Bacon Burger on Donuts Treating You?

Abby Zimet

Red meat is getting a pretty bad rap lately: A new Harvard study found that one burger a day increases your risk of early death by 13%, and 20% with hot dogs or bacon, and schools are cutting back on the infamous pink slime, having finally decided fatty bits of meat scraped off the slaughterhouse floor and mixed with ammonium hydroxide may not be the best way to feed our kids. In response, the makers have closed three of four slime plants while at the same time starting a P.R. campaign, complete with website, aimed at assuring us that Beef Is Beef, more or less. Nobody knows how much any of this will affect people's eating habits. But a look at the 50 fattiest regional favorites - a few desserts but lots of bacon and burgers, and one bacon-wrapped meat loaf - suggests alot of folks will continue to have it their way.


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