All Further Articles for 2012-03-26

Monday, March 26, 2012
Trayvon Martin and the Overdue End of Excuses
The uproar over the murder of Trayvon Martin grew louder today with huge national rallies , a suspiciously shifting media narrative, a smear campaign against Martin, appearances by Dick Gregory and other civil rights icons, a remembrance of RFK, much moving commentary and an ongoing flood of visuals - powerful, furious, bitterly funny.
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On Wall Street, Follow the (Dwindling But Still Insanely Excessive) Money
The crybabies at the WSJ are sad that despite "significant gains" in company profits, the "surprisingly mediocre" pay for 65 CEOs rose "just 1.4%," so that, for instance, the head of Nike made only $12.7 million. Happily, a stunning 92% of Wall Street's $33 million in political contributions has gone to the GOP, most to Romney, so it's money well and unambiguously spent.
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Hermain Cain Stand-In Shoots Cute Little Bunny Out of the Sky To Help Our Economy. Or Something.
Hermain 'WTF' Cain is back with a Sick of Stimulus project for people who are sick of "debt, ObamaCare, spending, big government, unemployment, regulations, rhetoric, gas prices, and smears," and is "taking the campaign to the next level" with a new ad where a guy shoots a bunny out of the sky. The ad is titled "Rabbit." He/she is small business. Wait, what? "Your friend as always, Herman Cain."
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