All Further Articles for 2012-03-23

Friday, March 23, 2012
We Are Hurting Without Trayvon, Says Everyone Except People At Fox News
Outrage and actions still growing in the wake of the Florida murder of Trayvon Martin: a new police chief and prosecutor, possible civil rights and grand jury charges , angry commentary, rallies and a Million Hoodie March in New York, a petition that now has over a million and a half signatures, many bearing poignant comments. And LeBron James and Samuel Jackson stepped up. Over at Fox , though, readers declared Martin "a little thug ghetto monkey." Wow.
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Hi Kids! Biotechnology Is Helping Improve the Health of the Earth By Injecting Poisons Into Our Food!
Monsanto and friends may have reached a new low by bringing their genetically engineered lies into the classroom with Look Closer at Biotechnology, an activity book/ fairy tale that tells kids about "all the wonderful ways" biotechnology grows more food, helps the environment and improves our health, none of which is true , but anyway. From the Council for Biotechnology Information (sic), a corporate mouthpiece whose aim is to make money for these guys. "Hi Kids! This is an activity book for young people like you about biotechnology - a really neat topic."
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