The Whole Picture: They Want To Be Sure that People Who Don't Vote with Them Don't Vote At All

Abby Zimet

With courts striking down the latest voter I.D. laws - ie: GOP efforts to make it as hard as possible for pesky minority, student, poor and other commie types to vote - in Texas and Wisconsin because they would “impermissibly eliminate the right of suffrage," officials in those states are taking to diverse Hail Mary moves to get around the rulings. Texas' Attorney General Greg Abbott is now arguing the historic Voting Rights Act of 1965 is unconstitutional. Wisconsin wants to stop offering voter registration in high schools in the hope that kids will just forget all about that voting voting nonsense and go home and watch video games. In an impassioned speech, Wisconsin's Rep. Fred Kessler calls it like he sees it: disenfranchisement.

Also: Tim Thompson, a former Marine, nervously but determinedly protests Tennessee's new voter I.D. laws to protect "our right and our duty as Americans" to vote. It was his first protest ever.


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