A Mighty Big Coincidence: SCOTUS' Frankenstein

A Mighty Big Coincidence: SCOTUS' Frankenstein

Abby Zimet

Stunning numbers and visuals from the Center for Responsive Politics on the impact of Citizens United, essentially ruling that corporations are people and thus can spend as much as they like on elections. For starters: outside spending in this election cycle of almost $90 million is 234% percent of 2008’s numbers, and 628% of 2004’s - and that's before the Super PACs start raising money for the general election. More: Seventeen of the top 20 donors were conservative; from 2006 to 2010 the percentage of spending from groups that did not disclose their donors rose from 1% to 47%; in 2010, 72% of political advertising by outside groups came from sources prohibited from spending money in 2006 - ie: corporations.

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