All Further Articles for 2012-03-08

Thursday, March 8, 2012
Limbaugh F-a-i-l
Over 50 sponsors have now bailed on Rush Limbaugh. He still doesn't get it, and now has dead , as opposed to foul, air on his show. Update : Not just Rush now. At least 98 companies, some of them huge, have said they don't want to advertise on right-wing air waves "likely to stir negative sentiment."
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The Kerfuffle Over Forced Ultrasounds, Which Are Not Empowering, Nope.
In time for International Women's Day and despite p rotests and arrests, Virginia's GOP Governor Bob McDonnell has signed a bill forcing women to undergo an ultrasound prior to an abortion. Anti-choice activists called the bill "a victory for women and their unborn children." McDonnell called it "empowering" and likened ultrasounds to ear-piercing. This, says Tara Casey, is a load of crap.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Anonymous Takes Down "Corrupt" Vatican
The Italian branch of Anonymous took down the Vatican website in retaliation for the Roman Catholic Church's misdeeds throughout history and "the absurd and anachronistic concepts your for-profit organisation spreads around the world." It clarified it was acting "not against the Christian religion or the faithful," but against a "corrupt" Church.
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Game On! Justice for the Unborn, Hope for our Nation, Other Good Stuff!
Haley and Camille Harris, two home-schooled pastor’s daughters from Oklahoma, have written a catchy excruciable song for Rick Santorum. They've never been to public school or bought a magazine, but they're really happy to tell us that even though he's a homophobic bigot who wants to force his medieval beliefs on the rest of us, Rick Santorum is Our Man, especially if we haven't been born yet. “There is hope for our nation again! Maybe the first time since we had Ronald Rea-gan.”
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