Rush Is A Black-Hearted Lie-Spewing Dickhead Who, Entirely Unsurprisingly, Nobody Likes

Abby Zimet

Just when a poll found that Rush Limbaugh is the most unpopular "news" personality in, like, the cosmos, he's showed why by calling Sandra Fluke - the Georgetown student whose eloquent testimony at a contraception hearing wasn't allowed - a “slut” for having so much sex "she wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex," which is complete, mindless, nasty bullshit, but what else is new? Jezebel has a fabulously enraged rant:

The talking butthole that replaced Rush Limbaugh's face decades ago is making sounds again. This time, the sounds are about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law student who was denied the right to testify before a Congressional committee about the necessity of employer-provided birth control. In short, Limbaugh thinks she's a whore. And if you agree with her, so are you. On his show today, Limbaugh let his listening audience of impotent shut ins know exactly what he thought about women like Fluke who echo the opinion of medical experts in thinking that universal birth control availability is important....

First of all, it's Sandra.

Second, having employer-provided health insurance cover a medical cost does not amount to being paid to receive medical treatment. I'm sure, for example, that Rush Limbaugh's insurance plan paid for the time his shriveled black heart seized up in his chest. Does that mean that he was paid to have a heart attack? Is Rush Limbaugh some sort of bizarre heart attack slut spreading his aorta for any insurance plan that comes along? Of course not; Rush Limbaugh is a loud idiot radio trol who sounds like his mouth is halfway buried in a trough when he's talking. He's far from a heart attack whore. Implying that insurance is the same as getting paid for something is almost as absurd as the fact that so few people have pointed out that Rush Limbaugh is a dead ringer for serial killing clown John Wayne Gacy.

Limbaugh should be embarrassed that he, a grown man, is unaware that hormonal contraceptives are a fixed cost that doesn't fluctuate according to how many time per month women get laid. Birth control is not like a car wash where an only slightly dirty car pays $9.99 for a basic wash and a very dirty car pays $39.99 for a Deluxe Executive Super Wash & Wax.

At the end of the day, this isn't worth getting upset over; it's just another ignorant ejaculation from radio's most famous dickhead. Thank goodness I'm on birth control, or I'd be pregnant with rage.

Following a Twitter campaign, one company pulls its ads, others may follow... Another just did. Via CREDO, tell 'em all to stop supporting him.

Fluke responds to Limbaugh:

We are fortunate to live in a democracy where everyone is entitled to their own opinions regarding legitimate policy differences. Unfortunately, numerous commentators have gone far beyond the acceptable bounds of civil discourse.


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No woman deserves to be disrespected in this manner. This language is an attack on all women, and has been used throughout history to silence our voices.

The millions of American women who have and will continue to speak out in support of women’s health care and access to contraception prove that we will not be silenced.

Fluke's testimony:

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